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Quartz Sectional Right w/Electric Recliner and Bed

Collection: European Collection

Stock status: Stock Product
Colors: Grey/Silver
Materials: Fabric
Item Description
*movable headrests
*1xElectric recliner
*2 seater open to bed

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Quartz Sectional

C150EL+EK03+FE300S+CH00R+castle 153
(MSRP) $6,599.00
Weight: 250 lbs

Quartz Sectional

C150EL+EK03+FE300S+CH00R+castle 153
(MSRP) $6,599.00
Qty in Stock: -1
Qty to Order:
Width 179"
Depth 41"
Height 35"
Weight 250 lbs
Inventory is updated on 05/13/2021
The inventory quantities are subject to change, please call for more updated information
Total price: $6,599.00