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Luce 4 Door Buffet w/ Mirror

Collection: Arredoclassic Italy by ESF

Stock status: Stock Product
Colors: Light Beige
Materials: Wood veneer, MDF
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer
Item Description

The Luce Light collection by Adora is a stylish and elegant furniture line made in Italy. The collection features a minimalist and sober design that highlights asymmetries through contrasting materials and shapes. The central theme of the collection, besides its emphasis on lighting, is the exploration of a harmonious balance between density and transparency, as well as references and variations. The asymmetry is a driving force behind the collection's overall aesthetic.

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Available Items   Qty in Stock Qty to Order Dimensions
Luce 4 Door Buffet

Luce 4 Door Buffet

(MSRP) $3,178
Weight: 308.7 lbs
Luce Large Mirror

Luce Large Mirror

Art. 61
(MSRP) $1,236
Weight: 149 lbs

Luce 4 Door Buffet

Luce 4 Door Buffet
(MSRP) $3,178
Qty in Stock: 4
Qty to Order:
Width 82.3"
Depth 20"
Height 34"
Weight 308.7 lbs

Luce Large Mirror

Luce Large Mirror
Art. 61
(MSRP) $1,236
Qty in Stock: 1
Qty to Order:
Width 73.62"
Depth 2.8"
Height 34.3"
Weight 149 lbs
Inventory is updated on 07/23/2024
The inventory quantities are subject to change, please call for more updated information
Total price: $4,414

Description Qty Ordered Arrival Date to NY port
@SEGU6787905Luce Large Mirror art 61w/glass frame /LUCSS4PB1/ 187 cm 3.00 7/25/24